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Fast and furious 8 stunts, shooting, fast and furious 8 Dwayne Johnson stunts, Fast and furious 8 Stunts :- From the last few rumors report about fast and furious 8 show that there are lot of news releasing out, if you still don’t understanding my point then let me tell you something first. we are currently talking about 8th sequel of fast and furious series. In the last 8 films we have found that the excitement and the craze in audience is much getting higher than expected. Most of you who don’t familiar with the story of this films, let me tell you something first. Actually fast and furious is based on fast cars and some adventure. we all know that Dwayne johnson is working as the leading star of this film, he is in fast and furious series from the last few years. So take a look at the full report which you may waiting for.

Fast and furious 8 Shootings| dwayne Johnson


American adventure films always has a great graphic and the better example of this is this film. Last year i watch 7th addition of this series and found that team do a great job for this film, In most of the shooting location we have seen that shooting tracks as well as cars should be perfect. to film this movie all the leading star work hard for fast and furious 8. In this film dwayne johnson, Vin diesel, as well as scott eastwood is working as the leading star of the film, Due to a great star cast list movie is currently on the top of the list of 2017.

Only character which is missing in this film is Paul walker, In 2013 he lost his life in a car accident, event in the furious 7 we notice that people give all the credit to box office to paul walker because of his great role in this film. now in 2017 it is interesting to see what type of response did people going to give to this movie, Currently team is busy to make the good quality graphic for this film which required lot of money and times as well.


Shooting| Fast and furious 8

Due to a good star cast combination film is currently popular in many cities, Most of the shoots are taken from north america but this time dwayne johnson perform some risky stunts for this film. Begin a good actor and wwe superstar Dwayne johnson like to perform some stunts in real. Expect car stunts most of the fights scene are perform by himself. Team also brings some heavy and old BMW cars for crash scene. It is expected that fast 8 budget surely be much more higher than the previous sequal. Currently more than 150 Million amount has been spent on this film and soon on marketing and promotion team will spent larger amount. So these are the main report which gain and collect about Fast and furious 8 shootings, fast and furious 8 review.

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