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Fast and furious 8 box office collection, fast and furious 8 opening day income :- From the last few days everyone is talking about fast and furious 8 and today we are going to show you it’s report on box office and how much collection did this film give in the last few days. we all know that this is the 8th addition of this film. All the last 7 movie of this series gave a thunderous response on box office but recently 8th part has been release. There are very few film in this world which have more than 7 part. Most squeal get end up in 2nd or 3rd part. In the first day show movie make a income in india as well as in other part of the world. The biggest amount of collection is coming from USA, UK and India. For those who don’t know fast and furious 8 release more than 5000 + screen all across the world.


Fast and furious 8 expected box office collection

As the film release on 5000 + screen so it is must that it gave a good response on indian box office as well. In the first day show movie make a profit which other film can’t make. Expect report of New york time show that more than 2 million dollar has been gain by this film in less than 12 hours, Response in United states is that much high that most cinema halls and multiplex are full of crowd.


In india Fast and furious 8 can do sometime different. I still remember the last month of april in which fast and furious 8 made a collection over 15.09 crore in the first day show, This collection can beat any indian film, The biggest positive point last part is that most audience gave a rating up to 8/10 star to this film,  After completing more than 4 weekends on box office collection of fast and furious 8 get cross more than 1510 $ in india as well as in other part of the world. To touch such a high gross ins’t a easy task for any film.


It is hard to believe that furious 7 has a budget around 190 Million USD which get recovered in less than 3 days, Only one star is missing in the fast and furious 8 which is Paul walker. Due to a car accedent he lost his life that why he not playing his role for this film.


Expected Fast and furious 8 worldwide collection

Day by day rumors are unveiling the report of fast and furious 8, recent report said that In the first week of april user will enjoy the fast and furious 8 series which is really a great news. This time the budget of fast 8 get increase up to 20 % and cross around 250 Million USD.

Now talk about the worldwide gross of Fast and furious 8 then it is very interesting to know what movie can cross a higher collection than the previous films, Opening day gross of fast and furious 8 could be around 17.09 crore. So these are the main information which we collect about fast and furious 8 opening day collection, fast and furious 8 box office collection.

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